SepAnx: When A Pet Leaves You Behind

Christmas 2010 An individual goes through a lot of heartbreaks. One of the most painful is losing a beloved pet that was treated lik...

Christmas 2010
An individual goes through a lot of heartbreaks. One of the most painful is losing a beloved pet that was treated like a person, a friend, and a sister. If you have lost one, you might have felt exactly what I am feeling right now.

I believe dogs go to Heaven. 

I thank God because you lived a full life. 

In those 10 years, 6 months, and 3 days, you have always been so cheerful and loving to our family. To me, you inherited our last name. 

January 2008

Christmas 2014

June 2016

Among all the dogs we had, you were the most quiet but the kindest and most patient. You barked at particular people that we did not trust or you disliked.

Even though you were not able to conceive a puppy in your lifetime, you were like a mother to all our pets. And you even acquired a lot of suitors in our neighborhood too.

Yuki and Zeke

Yuki and Sachi

Yuki and Chizu
Forever Love <3

Yuki and Jiji

Every time we meet, you usually wag your tail followed by a head and nose bump. Our dog walks, though not as plenty as Dad's, Paul's, or Luke's, are unforgettable. After your bathroom time, you always try to beat me in racing toward our house gate. Bringing you out for a walk seems like a chore at first but it is actually the only time you could bond with us. Part of my regret is not being able to bring you out for a walk as often as I could. 

Man and her Best Friend
However, thanks to my part-time status and my long leave from work for the past three years, we were able to bond with each other more frequently than before. 

Letting you live inside the house was one of the best choices we made concerning you. You became really close to us. Whenever you were inside the house and the rain poured and the thunder roared or the firecrackers burst, you came to find me wherever I was without a whimper or a whine. Despite being blind, you found me all the time.

Unfortunately, your urination problem got worse so you were relocated outside. You freely gave way for Satchi who have been tied outside since the day he came. In spite of that, you remained faithful.

Though the past few years were difficult, you tried to conceal your condition; didn't even cry or bark for help. I admire you for being so strong and loving us unconditionally despite our busy schedules. That makes you a true hero like every precious dog that we lost. 

February 2017
I hope you felt the love every time I came home in the past few years, tenderly calling you by your name and saying "I love you." I want you to know that I meant every word and endearment I have shown you.

Honestly, I was quite frightened you would leave anytime soon. I just didn't expect it would be today. 

Though your outer body didn't show any severe kind of suffering through the years, we know you felt pain deep inside you. We honor you for fighting that long. 

Lying down in your most favorite position as if you were sleeping was an indication of a peaceful goodbye. You were beautiful even on your last day on earth.

I miss you so much, Yuki. You will always be my favorite canine sister. Reunite with God now. 🐾

At the beginning of 2017, I asked for more encounters with the Lord. But there came more reasons to cry. Like Yuki, I might be just putting temporary plasters to conceal the pain. But the Lord is good and omnipresent. Despite the heartbreaks, I feel secured. This does not result to doubt or hate but to completely surrender every emotion, relationship, and time to the Lord. 

I remember what C. S. Lewis wrote in the last few lines of his book A Grief Observed, 

"How wicked it would be, if we could, to call the dead back! She said not to me but to the chaplain, 'I am at peace with God.' She smiled, but not at me. Poi si torno all' eterna fontana (Then unto the eternal fountain she turned)."

* * *

This blog is actually a sequel to my previous blog two years ago entitled, "SepAnx: When Pets Are Left Behind."

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